Make-A-Wish Turns 5-Year-Old With Leukemia Into 'BatKid,' San Francisco Becomes Gotham (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO: Youtube)Batkid on the news.

A young boy who has battled with lymphoblastic leukemia since he was just 20 months old had just one dream for Make-a-Wish to fulfill for him: he wanted to be Batman for a day.

Now being dubbed as Bat Kid, 5-year-old Miles helped the police fight crime in San Francisco when he took on the Riddler and the Penguin.

According to the Los Angeles Times, once people in the city found out of Miles' wish, thousands volunteered to help out and create his dream of being Batman as San Francisco is being turned into Gotham City for a day.

The San Francisco Chronicle sent out 1,000 copies of a special edition paper today called, the "Gotham City Chronicle," with the story, written by "Clark Kent."

Miles received his own Batmobile and a personal phone call not from Batman's Commissioner Gordon, but his own city Commissioner, Police Chief Greg Suhr, to help capture the Riddler.

"My butcher at the grocery store was asking what he could do, the police commissioners was asking what they could do," Suhr said to SFGate. "Everywhere I go, the only thing people want to talk about is Batkid. I was just at a meeting with the attorney general, and Kamala Harris said, 'Tell me about Batkid!' "

It is then that a flash mob of people gathered to inform the boy that the Penguin kidnapped the San Francisco Giants mascot, Lou Seal. Batkid then chased the Penguin around AT&T Park to save Lou Seal and was awarded the key to the city.

Currently Miles' cancer is in remission, and he had his last treatment in June. Make-A-Wish had been planning this special for a little bit and received an enormous amount of help from volunteers.

"I thought I could do it on a scale that a 5-year-old would appreciate," said Patricia Wilson, Make_A-Wishes executive director to SFGate. "But apparently, it's on a scale now that the nation appreciates."

"I've never seen anything go viral like this, with the outpouring of support from across the world," she said.

The family did not want to reveal their last name.