Malala Yousufzai, Taliban Shooting Victim, Speaks for First Time Since Major Surgery (VIDEO)

Malala Yousufzai, the young girl shot in the head by the Taliban, has spoken and produced a video for the first time since having major surgery. The 15-year-old spoke of her progress and her new foundation to help other children receive an education.

"I want to serve. I want to serve the people. I want every girl, every child to be educated. For that reason, we have organized the Malala Fund," she said in the video. "Today you can see that I am alive. I can speak; I can see you; I can see everyone."

"It's just because of the prayers of the people," Malala continued. "Because all people – men, women, children – all of them have prayed for me. And because of all these prayers, God has given me this new life, a second life."

"I'm happy that both of the operations are successful. I can walk a little bit and I'm feeling better," Malala added.

Malala has been through a lot since being shot in the head by members of the Taliban in October. She was specifically targeted for speaking out about the need for girls, and all children, to be educated. Amazingly, she survived the attack and was flown to Britain to have further surgery and recover.

Doctors recently rebuilt her skull using titanium and gave her a cochlear implant to restore the hearing in her left ear. She will not need any further surgeries, Dr. Anwen White told reporters. Malala and her family have taken residence in Britain, far away from the dangers of the Taliban.

Since the shooting, Yousufzai has only grown in popularity, even being named Time magazine's 2012 "Person of the Year." The Malala Fund has raised over $10 million since being created in late 2012. The money is meant to help others like her achieve an education without fear of persecution.

Malala is still under threat by the Taliban, though, and will remain protected by authorities. She has not been deterred from speaking out and continuing on her path to see everyone educated.

"She's already talking about furthering her cause," Dr. Dave Rosser, the hospital's medical director, told CNN.

Watch the inspirational video HERE: