Mama June Spray Tan With Paint Roller? Reality Star Reveals Trick (VIDEO)

In the most recent episode of "Honey Boo Boo," Mama June joined the ranks of women who opt to get a spray tan before their wedding day. But unlike some women who have issues with their tan, the reality star was safe guarded from mishap thanks to a magical tanning tool.

Mama June was not having the best of days in the most recent episode of "Honey Boo Boo." Spending most of the episode in the bathroom when she should have been preparing for her wedding to Sugar Bear, the reality mom complained that she was suffering from "stress poops."

But no amount of stress or bathroom visits could prevent Mama June from missing her in-home spray tan appointment. Her friend, Jennifer, an alleged expert spray tan professional, made a special home visit to give June and other members in the wedding party a last-minute tan. For the most part, Jennifer relied on aerosol spray to get the job done. However, when Mama June began to complain about the tan spray dripping the back of her neck, Jennifer presented a magical back-up tool.

The tan professional quickly went to her bag and pulled out a paint roller. She then used the magical device to prevent any further dripping by rubbing it all over Mama June's neck.

Mama June has plans to marry her long term partner later this month. In an episode last month, June prepared by trying on dresses for the big day. One of the first dresses that she tried on was a replica to the wedding dress that Duchess Kate Middleton wore during her wedding. The dress however, did not fit as Mama June might have hoped.

June later decided that she would opt out of buying a white dress because it was never her "dream" as a young girl and because she was "not pure."