Man Accused of Keeping 3 Women as Slaves Claimed He Was Christ

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(Photo: ITV News / Screenshot)Aravindan Balakrishnan is accused of keeping three women as slaves in London. The image above is from documentary footage uncovered by ITV News.

A British man who has been accused of keeping three women as slaves, reportedly claimed he was Jesus to his followers.

The headquarters of sect-leader Aravindan Balakrishnan, 73, and his wife, Chanda, was raided last week by London police, who have accused the couple of holding an Irish woman, 57, a Malaysian, 69 and a Brit, 30, against their will.

Balakrishan, believed to have immigrated to the U.K. from Malaysia with his wife in the 1960's, was the head of the Workers' Institute of Marxism Leninism Tse-tung Thought, a school that allegedly tried to "bring about world domination for China."

Former group member Dudley Heslop told The Daily Star that Balakrishan attempted to convince recruits that he was Jesus, telling them "I am Christ, follow me."

Oxford University professor Steven Rayner, who studied the radical group, called them a "tiny, tight-knit group clearly under the spell of their leader Comrade Balakrishnan."

"Their membership was overwhelmingly overseas in origin. Most were foreign students who seemed to have difficulty adjusting to life in the UK. They refused to recognize the legitimacy of the state and maintained a hostile attitude towards the establishment and towards the rest of the far-Left in Britain at that time," he told The Daily Star.

"Their ideology was profoundly detached from reality. I had assumed that they had sunk without trace until this recent news," he added.