Man Believes He is God and Head of KKK, Kills Father in Maine

(Photo: Facebook/Leroy Smith III)Leroy Smith III is believed to have killed his father.

A man claiming to be God and the head of the Ku Klux Klan has been charged with the murder of his father in Gardiner, Maine. Leroy Smith III, 24, is charged with killing his father and moving his remains to a wooded area near their shared apartment in the small town.

The elder Smith's remains were found early Monday morning in the woods. Police said that he died from "multiple sharp force injuries" and was killed inside his home before his body was removed to the wooded area.

"The decision to charge him was made by the Attorney General's Office following (Tuesday's) autopsy," Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland told the Sentinel.

A friend told police that he was afraid for the elder Smith's life after the younger moved in with him. The younger Smith was evicted from his own apartment in Massachusetts and came home to his father.

"We talked about his son," Michael Parady said. "I was very concerned about his son living with him. I knew he was an extremely dangerous person. [The elder Smith] said, 'I sleep with one eye open.'"

The younger Smith has a Facebook page filled with claims that he is God and the head of the KKK. He also makes accusations and threats against the government and various agencies. At one point, he was under investigation by the FBI after the Secret Service noticed several threats against the president.

"I am Icarus, I am different from the Devil and Satan. Just for the records, I own their souls. I am God. I hate you all, you never see the truth," he posted on February 23. "I never wanted this and this is all I may have until I have my own children … this is life … this is why you are all so evil … that was the plan the whole time. Funny, that is the plan I feel most sane with. I've always wanted kids, give me years … If anything is different, you never got me back! I'm ready now. I know I am under this manipulation. My love is given to anyone and everyone that read one word of this. –God."

There is no known motive for the murder as of now.