Man Blames 'Homosexual Demon' for Starting Fire After 'Cooking' His Bible

A man who claimed to have had an encounter with a "possessed homosexual demon" was arrested in Oklahoma City, Okla. on Wednesday after authorities were dispatched to his home and found that he had started a fire in his kitchen because he was "cooking" his Bible.

Jeremy Anderson, 22, was covered in blood while throwing furniture outside of his window when police arrived at his home. He told the officers to put down their weapons so he could "fist fight them," then he admitted that he was a satanist and needed to get on medication as soon as possible, reports Oklahoma City-based KFOR-TV.

He later claimed that his actions came about after he met the "possessed homosexual demon" who wanted to purchase drugs and who performed sexual acts on him. He also said that he "wasn't gay, just high," after coming to his senses and added that he could not believe he allowed the demon to engage in physical contact with him.

His neighbors reported that Anderson was going ballistic, after kicking his apartment door off of its hinges, and pouring salt and soap on his body. Once police arrived, Anderson was outside on his porch yelling incoherent phrases while he appeared to have been "out of touch with reality."

Upon using a sledge hammer to get into his house, police also found that the walls and floor were covered in blood, bleach and other unspecified "substances."

Anderson was also throwing furniture outside of his apartment from his shattered windows and broken door, making it difficult for officers to place him in custody as they tried to taze Anderson. However, he reportedly tore off the attached darts from his skin while yelling uncontrollably.

After much struggle, police were able to subdue Anderson and then took him to the hospital where he was evaluated and claimed he had not committed any wrongdoing because he was simply remodeling his house.

Police reports also say that Anderson said that if he would have been armed with a gun, he would have shot and killed his neighbors and police officers once they arrived.

On Facebook, KFOR-TV viewers had mixed reactions about Anderson's situation.

"Everyone is saying he's on drugs when he's probably mentally ill and off his medications. Now he'll be charged with a crime and sent to prison where he'll actually receive help. It's a sad vicious cycle. Prisons are the new asylums. Stop judging and do some research," wrote a viewer.

Another added, "[I'm an] ex addict. [I] wasn't crying for help, [I] just got high because I liked getting high. When I did something crazy and people made fun of me for it, it was my own fault. Don't coddle this guy. He made his choice and now has to live with the consequences."

Anderson now faces a first-degree arson charge, though more charges could be added.