Man Burns House Over Lawn: Man Went 'Psycho' Over 'Too Tall' Grass, Says Neighbor

The man accused of burning a neighbor's house on Wednesday was captured after several hours on the run.

Phillip Roger Bennett, 58, was arrested Thursday by U.S. Marshals in Murphy, N.C. and is awaiting extradition in Cartersville after setting his neighbor's house on fire for reportedly having an "unkept lawn."

Cartersville Police Capt. Mark Camp stated the suspect will be facing a number of charges including arson, aggravated assault, criminal property damage, cruelty to children, second-degree burglary, reckless conduct, criminal trespass and terroristic threats.

The neighbor, Marty Corbitt, and his 3-year-old daughter, Kylie, were inside their home when the attack happened.

Corbitt revealed that Bennett, who lived across the street, was angry for the past several days over his tall grass and the confrontations soon turned violent.

"Slapped me across the face and said, 'Mow your grass,'" Corbitt says. "My grass was too tall for him. I was going to cut it today, and then he set my house on fire."

Marty Corbitt was again harassed by Bennett on Wednesday morning while his daughter was in the house and after his wife had left.

"He kicks my door, tells me I've got five seconds to come outside. I turn around and call 911. And while I'm on the phone he comes back with two gas cans in his hand. Walks up to my kitchen door again, takes a gas can, smashes it against the glass, breaks the first pane," Corbitt told WXIA.

"Then he turns around and grabs a brick, throws it through the window. And then he grabs a gas can and starts pouring it into the kitchen. And as he's pouring he takes his lighter and lights it. And flames were everywhere. I ran back to my little girl's room, grabbed her, ran out the back door over to my neighbor's and watched the house burn," he said.

Corbitt, who is currently staying with relatives, says he has lived in the house for about four years.

"I honestly can't imagine what goes through someone's head to make them want to murder someone and their child over grass. He was actually a pretty good neighbor up until last week. And then he just went complete psycho," the man added.