Man Digs Through Tornado Debris for 30 Hours to Find His Pet Dog - ALIVE!

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/NewsyHub)

Jonathan Byler Dann was able to count his blessings after he and his family emerged from his tornado shelter alive and safe. But when he stood amid the rubble of his home in Washington, Illinois he realized he was still missing a loved family member - their beloved dog Maggie, who was nowhere to be found.

Maggie had refused to leave her kennel as the EF4 Tornado barreled through their neighborhood Sunday. Mr. Dann posted a picture after the tornado revealing his grief, reporting that they had lost their dog.

However, miraculously, after 30 hours of digging through the remains of the house there was some good news for Mr. Dann, Rebecca and their four children; they heard a slight bark from under the rubble, and after frantically digging deeper, they found Maggie buried, but very much alive.

The dog was rescued and was found to have suffered only minor injuries that she is currently being treated for.

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/NewsyHub)

Please keep all others who were affected by this storm in your PRAYERS!