Man Divorces Wife, Cats After Overcrowding In Marital Bed (VIDEO)

A woman has been divorced in Israel after she chose her 550 cats over her husband, who was apparently not fond of the felines.

An unnamed Jewish man divorced his wife in Israel's Rabbinical Court after he charged that his wife had invited such a large number of cats to live in the home, that he himself felt pushed out of it.

"The husband, apparently not a cat lover, told the Rabbinical Court in Beersheba that he was unable to sleep in his bedroom because the surface of the marital bed was constantly covered with cats who refused to lie on the floor," Time of Israel reported.

Aside from interfering with his marital bed, the cats also interrupted meal times and deprived the man of food.

"The man, in his divorce request, complained that the cats also blocked his access to the bathroom and did not allow him to prepare meals in the kitchen," Israel Times reported. "When he sat to eat, cats jumped onto the table and stole his food."

Despite attempts of reconciliation, as ordered by the court, the couple was unable to set aside differences as the wife ultimately decided that she preferred her cats to her husband.

Traditionally, women are not allowed to request divorce in the Jewish religion. The man, who is allowed to make the request, much achieve a get (religious divorce) which must be given to his wife within 45 days after the court hearing concerning the divorce.

"According to the Torah, divorce is accomplished simply by writing a bill of divorce, handing it to the wife, and sending her away," Judaism 101 explains.

The process was complicated to avoid wreckless divorce, however according to the site, men may request divorce for any number of reason or no reason at all.

"Under Jewish law, a man can divorce a woman for any reason or no reason. The Talmud specifically says that a man can divorce a woman because she spoiled his dinner or simply because he finds another woman more attractive, and the woman's consent to the divorce is not required," Judaism 101 writes.