Man Donates Ring to Goodwill Accidentally, Skeptics Weigh In

Engagement plans have been derailed for one couple, after the groom-to-be accidentally donated the engagement ring to Goodwill. Josh Miller had been hiding the ring in a coat for two months, however, he later donated the coat to Goodwill without realizing the ring was still inside a pocket.

"She talked about the exact right ring that she wanted for a long time, and we just finally, for once, found the perfect engagement ring and we were very excited," Miller told ABC News. When the time came for him to propose, Miller went to find the ring but grew anxious as his search came up empty.

"I was just shaking. I didn't know what to do, or what to say, or how to feel. I called Cara (his bride-to-be) immediately, but she thought I was joking," Miller said. He then sat to think and remembered the donation he had made to Goodwill, which included the coat.

"Honestly, I just think I forgot. I knew it was in my closet somewhere, but we were just grabbing stuff and I threw it in a pile and thought, 'I don't wear that anymore,'" he said. He rushed to Goodwill, but the coat was not to be found. Now he is hoping the publicity of his story will reach the person who bought the coat (and ring).

"That ring means more to me than anything I can explain," said Miller. He is planning to go through with the engagement, ring or no ring. 

"She's a school teacher and I'm a landscaper. We obviously don't make enough money to afford something like that on a regular basis. It was a very large purchase for us, and I just made a very bad mistake," he explained.

People have questioned Miller's story, claiming that his hiding the ring for two months after Cara picked it out doesn't quite add up. "She picked it out but he still had to hide it? Nah, there is another story here," Huffington Post reader Psychpro posted on its website.

"Of course there is another story to it. It's another way to scam people into sending him pity money," added user Doug Girard.

There are those, however, who are wishing for a happy ending to this story. "Awful mistakes like this are a fact of life. I wish the best of luck to the engaged couple," commented Arnold Maurer.

"This story just breaks my heart! I really hope some kind soul finds and returns it," added StarThrower50.