Man Finds Animal Toe in Package of Hummus, Sues

A man who found an animal part in packaged food is suing the food manufacture and the store that sold it.

Andrew Brodsky filed the complaint in Manhattan's state Supreme Court claiming the nail was still attached to what he described as the "foreign object" in the Sabra Spinach Artichoke Dip.

Brodsky, 35, bought a package of Sabra Spinach Artichoke dip from the Upper East Side supermarket at the end of September, according to the lawsuit.

He purchased the tainted package of hummus it in September from a Fairway store on Manhattan's east side. "It's been pretty traumatic for him," Brodsky's attorney, Michael Schlesinger, told the Gothamist.

"The nail of the specimen touched his tongue and he had the thing in his mouth. And it's totally, physically sickening to him."

When he removed the "sharp" toe, Brodsky saw the toe with the nail still attached, according to his lawyer.

Schlesinger claimed that before filing the lawsuit he contacted representatives at Sabra to invite the company to come and inspect the specimen.

But after not getting any response Schlesinger claimed that he asked again for Sabra to inspect the "toe," but the company declined the invitation to look into the claim. "Sabra had no interest in working with us," he said.

He added that his client has dramatically changed his life since finding the animal body part. "He's no longer eating packaged foods, and can only eat fresh produce and fresh foods," according to his lawyer.

"The sight of seeing someone else eating any packaged food makes him physically nauseous." The lawsuit, which does not identify the type of animal, seeks unspecified damages.

A Sabra spokeswoman said the company uses "rigorous" quality control measures.

This is not the first time that an animal part found its way into someone's food. Late last year a woman in Georgia found a chicken's head in her chicken nuggets.