Man Finds Wife's Mummified Body After Release From Jail in Spain

A man in Spain has returned to his home following a stint in prison to find his wife's mummified body. The horrific discovery occurred in Ciempozuelos, near Madrid.

The man's wife Angeles Fernandez apparently died in her home without anyone noticing for months.

While the husband was in prison he noticed his wife's sudden halt in communications and reported his concerns in September 2011. However, his alerting of concerns were not followed up.

Town police and the civil guard were also noticed about a potential problem when people complained of a foul odor emanating from the home. However, a judge refused to grant permission for anyone to enter the home.

"The lack of hygiene… (of) Angeles Fernandez, on the last occasions that she was seen, was evident, and so it was not ruled out that these smells were produced by a lack of hygiene inside the home," said authorities, according to Latino Fox News.

The judged argued that the husband – identified as Eduardo R. – "did not have a relationship with his wife."

At one point the city council asked IVIMA, which owns the property, to move in a clean the building to find the source of the bad smell. However, their attempts to locate Angeles Fernandez were unsuccessful and they did not make any attempts to enter the property without permission.

That meant Fernandez's body remained unfound for months, and was only finally discovered when Eduardo was released from jail last week. He returned home to find his wife's body in a state that has been described as mummified.

The civil guard has reported that the wife's body was found on the bed, however the cause of death was not immediately apparent. The body has now been sent for an autopsy, which will hopefully determine how she came to die. There reportedly were no signs of any foul play in the incident.