Man Has 15 Miley Cyrus Tattoos, Hopes to Catch Star's Attention

Carl McCoid, 39, has decided to pay homage to the person who helped him through one of the toughest times of his life, Miley Cyrus, by getting 15 tattoos dedicated to the teen star. McCoid hopes that his dedication will one day lead to an encounter with Cyrus so that he can properly thank her.

"I am hoping that Miley's agent will hear about me via Twitter, and then she will pass the message on to Miley," McCoid told Daily Mail. "That way I could actually end up meeting her. If I did, then I would die. I would definitely die."

McCoid went through a rough patch in 2009, when he divorced his wife. He took solace in Cyrus' celebrity and has proclaimed that Cyrus is now his wife. His tributes have cost him over $8,000 and include images of the celebrity, her name on his fingers and hands, and the titles of her songs all over his body.

"Loads of people get all sorts of things tattooed onto their bodies, like Chinese symbols or pictures of cartoon characters. Why shouldn't I be allowed to have loads of Miley Cyrus tattoos?" McCoid asked.

Some have described McCoid as a "creepy sort of creep," and wonder how he could be mentally and emotionally, seeing as how he is obsessed with Cyrus. One message from McCoid's Twitter page reads: "Miley Cyrus you are a miracle. I love u so much x nobody is more beautiful & sexy as u. I have 15 tattoos of u! There's an angel in LA xxxx."

Cyrus is very popular both in the United States and abroad, with over 6 million followers on Twitter alone. Her fame has only increased with age, but Cyrus is already spoken for. She recently announced her engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth.