Man of Steel 2 Cast Rumors: In Lex Luthor News, Bryan Cranston Refutes Claims He Is Next Villain (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Flickr / Gage Skidmore)Bryan Cranston, of the hit TV show "Breaking Bad" answers fans questions at San Diego Comic Con 2013.

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston has denied signing on to be the next Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2, otherwise known as Superman v. Batman.

Cranston, whose name has floated in the comic book casting rumor mill for the past month, argued that his television show character's lack of hair had been the only link attaching him to the superhero movie.

"I've heard [the rumors too]" he told "This is all news to me. I think that maybe my name is bandied about because I'm known to be bald. 'What bald guy can we get?' The reality is they can take any actor and shave his head or put a bald cap on him."

Cranston's denial contradicts a Rolling Stone article that reported last week that Cranston had signed on for six appearances, leading to speculation he would populate the DC Comic universe for the next decade or so.

One fan took the rumors so seriously as to create a trailer for the Superman v. Batman movie, with Cranston as the villain.

Cranston currently stars as Walter White, the once high school teacher now drug overlord in the highly acclaimed Breaking Bad.

See the fan teaser trailer for Man of Steel 2 (Superman v. Batman) below.