Man Reunited With Dog Threatens Woman Who Made It Possible

The man whose story of having his pet removed from his home due to unpaid traffic fines has now threatened to sue the woman who helped provide the money to reunite him with his beloved dog. Dave Thomas has threatened to sue Maria Sanchez for slander and embezzlement.

Sanchez, a photographer, took a photo of Thomas giving his beloved dog a bowl of water through a cage. The picture quickly circulated and became an Internet sensation, as did the moving story that led to it being taken. Thomas had his dog, Buzz Lightyear, impounded after failing to pay traffic tickets and appear in court.

He desperately needed $400 to get Lightyear out of the animal shelter, and Sanchez, seeing an opportunity to help, posted the photo online and asked for donations.

"He was pouring water into his dog's water bowl; his dog sat there and licked up the water for about a minute. He sat down next to him and started weeping," Sanchez told KABC.

Donations immediately began pouring in, and soon Thomas was able to afford to free his dog. Sanchez called Thomas to let him know, and he reportedly thanked her profusely.

"Everything is taken care of," Sanchez said. "The dog is going to be fully vetted; we're going to get him micro chipped."

"God bless you darling," Thomas replied.

So many donations came in that there has been a great surplus, which Sanchez said she intends to refund to those who donated, she told Radar Online. She does not want Thomas or his wife to benefit anymore than they already have and said that they "wanted the rest of the cash in a lump sum," according to KABC.

"You are dead wrong and I will be getting in touch with the lawyer and if you do anything with my money, that is slander one; embezzlement two … what's the other one? Oh, grand larceny because it's over $1,000" a voicemail allegedly from Thomas said.

It's unclear whether Thomas has actually retained a lawyer at this point.