Man Robs Radio Shack, Police Use GPS to Arrest Him

A man in Chicago has been arrested for robbery and kidnapping after police tracked him down using a GPS device that had been stolen from an electronics store.

Raymond Jefferson, 20, was apprehended by police and was arrested after he allegedly tied up the employees at a Radio Shack in the South Side of Chicago where he was able to steal $17,000 in merchandise.

According to an assistant with the states attorney's office, Jefferson broke into the electronics store and threatened the victims with a handgun on Friday night.

Jefferson then tied their hands together with plastic ties and removed their wallets and cell phones before stealing the electronic equipment. Jefferson was able to take iPads, Kindles, cell phones and GPS devices from the store.

Once the authorities arrived at the scene they realized that one of the items that had been stolen was a GPS location device.

The police, with the help of the employees, remotely activated the device turning on one of the GPS devices that had been stolen.

With a road map to the location of the device police used the information to track down Jefferson, who was placed in handcuffs in only a few hours after the robbery had taken place.

The assistant state's attorney, Wendy Caceres, said Jefferson was located an arrested in the 3700 block of West Lawrence Avenue in the Albany Park neighborhood.

Jefferson was identified by witnesses of the robbery as the man who robbed the store located in the 2300 block of West 95th Street in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood, according to Caceres.

On Sunday, Jefferson was brought before Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil had was order to be held on $350,000 bond on several charges including armed robbery and aggravated kidnapping.

A court date had not yet been set by the county judge.