Man's $2.1 Million Lunch with Warren Buffet Benefits Church-Run Charity

SAN FRANCISCO — Glide Foundation, a charity that offers food and assistance to low-income residents in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, was recently informed that it will receive $2.1 million in proceeds from an auction bid for lunch with Warren Buffet.

This is the ninth year that Buffet auctioned a lunch date to benefit Glide. This year's winning bid went to a Chinese hedge fund manager who paid $2,110,100 through an eBay auction that ended June 27. The charity received $650,100 from last year's auction.

Located between Ellis and Taylor, Glide Foundation serves 750,000 meals a year and provides medical services like AIDS testing and job training opportunities to the homeless and other disadvantaged people in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. It is run by Glide Memorial United Methodist Church.

"I have been moved with deep, heartfelt experiences. Warren Buffett's expression of commitment and dedication go beyond amazing. It almost feels like a miracle," said Glide's pastor, the Rev. Cecil Williams, in a statement.

Buffet was introduced to Glide through his late first wife who volunteered at the organization.

He described Glide as a "marvelous, marvelous" organization while speaking to CNBC about two weeks ago.

Although the organization has benefited from the support of Buffet and other influential figures like Oprah, the church has been criticized by for its unbiblical approach to theology and condoning of homosexuality.