Man Shoots Son in Burglary: 15-Year-Old Hid Behind Mask

A fifth grade teacher could face charges for murder after shooting and killing a person he believed to be a masked burglar. However, after the apparent intruder was shot, it was later revealed to be his own 15-year-old son under the mask.

Jeffrey Giuliano received a call some time before 1 a.m. from his sister who lived in the house across the street; she was home alone and reported seeing a suspicious man outside. Giuliano responded by going outside to investigate the situation, and as a precaution he also brought a gun.

He discovered a man in a black ski mask. When the man allegedly charged at Giuliano with a "shiny weapon" in his hand, he pulled the trigger.

"It's something out of a Hollywood script," First Selectman John Hodge said, according to Yahoo News. "You certainly don't expect it to happen in your own small hometown where there's very little crime."

Police were called soon after the incident and the teen was discovered in the driveway and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Few other details have been released regarding the case. It was not acknowledged whether or not the teen was actually attempting to burglarize a home; it is also uncertain when Giuliano discovered that he had shot his own son.

"All in all it's a tragedy," Spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said.

Giuliano lives in the small town of New Fairfield, where he was well-liked by both his students and colleagues.

"'He wanted to teach in the community he grew up," Alicia Roy, superintendent of schools in New Fairfield where Giuliano worked, said. "He connects with the students. He's a caring person. Very interactive class."