Man Stabs Brother Over McDonald's Brownie, Police Say

A fight over a McDonald's brownie led one man to stab another, according to police.

Police said Erik Cain, 30, of Carbondale, Pa., grabbed three steak knives from his kitchen and stabbed his brother after the argument.

The victim is expected to recover, according to reports. Cain, however, faces agrivated assault charges stemming from the incident.

The incident started when Gene Cain cut the brownie in half, according to reports. It is unclear what prompted the argument over the traditional way to share a brownie, but the fight resulted in multiple stab wounds for Gene Cain.

Gene suffered stab wounds and cuts on his left shoulder, left forearm and right wrist, according to reports.

"(Gene) thought his brother was going to kill him," so he responded by throwing a television at Erik, police Sgt. Joseph Laguzzi told reporters.

Erik Cain fled after stabbing his brother, but was picked up after a short time by police. He also faces reckless endangerment, harassment and disorderly conduct charges.

Erik Cain was reportedly out on bail at the time of the most recent attack. He was arrested last month for stabbing his girlfriend.

McDonald's has had its fair share of odd crimes and legal woes.

A judge dismissed a lawsuit against the fast-food chain in 2003, which alleged that the food served at restaurant caused obesity.

The court ruling maintained that personal responsibility should play a larger part and that suing McDonald's was "frivolous."

McDonald's was also sued in 1994 after a 79-year-old New Mexico woman alleged that coffee she purchased and then spilled on herself, caused burns because it was too hot and improperly marked.

The coffee cost less than $1, but would up being a nearly $3 million payout for the woman.

It is unclear if any similar lawsuits will come as a result of the latest incident involving McDonald's.