Man Stole Bobcat Tractor, Rammed Family Dollar for Deodorant

A man stole a Bobcat tractor and robbed a Family Dollar convenience store Friday morning. The item he so desperately needed: deodorant, among other things.

Michael Younger, 50, used a Bobcat tractor to ram through a Family Dollar in Chicago for the sake of a robbery. The middle-aged man may have found the heavy-duty equipment at a nearby construction site, police told NBC5 News.

Younger made his way to the construction site- the former 15th District police station being converted into a community center- and managed to hijack the Bobcat tractor. After that, at around 4:15 a.m., he used it to break the front window of the convenience store, taking two cans of deodorant and some gift cards.

No cash was taken, according to reports.

The break-in sounded the store's alarm, and police responded to the scene. Younger was not at the scene of the crime, but authorities found him nearby.

When questioned, the criminal told police that he had found the gift cards on the ground- perhaps not that far of a stretch, as the mini excavation machine he wielded could have caused some damage to the store. He remained silent about the deodorant.

The middle-aged man did not live in the area in which he committed the crime. Younger lives on the 8100 block of South Vernon, and the robbery took place nearly 30 minutes away, near 5410 West Chicago Avenue.

Police found a surveillance video in the Family Dollar, however, showing Younger committing the crime. They also noticed bulges in his pockets, and after frisking him, found the stolen goods. After comparing the images, the Chicago man was arrested.

Michael Younger was charged with two felony counts of burglary for his shenanigans, according to NBC5 News.

The man is expected to show up for bond court Saturday.