Man Tries to Pay for Dinner With Marijuana

A man in upstate New York who was short of cash tried to pay for his dinner at a local restaurant with a bag of marijuana.

A man ordered a food at a Denny's on Niagara Falls Boulevard early Saturday morning and when he man did not have the money to cover the bill, he tried to offer the cashier a bag of marijuana, according to police.

Police stated that the man arrived at the diner shortly after 2 a.m. and proceeded to order food which came to $9.91. The man attempted to pay the tab, offering the cashier $1 and the bag of marijuana as compensation for the meal.

The cashier refused to accept the pot and after the man was rebuffed, he attempted to sell the bag of marijuana to other customers that were eating in the restaurant.

The cashier then informed the man that she was going to call the police at which time the man fled the restaurant and ran into a nearby wooded area, according to local media reports.

An employee at the restaurant was able to identify the man before he left and when police arrived, he gave them the man's name and address.

When police went to the man's home he was not there and the investigation is ongoing.

This was not the first time a person wanted to share their marijuana with someone.

An elementary school teacher in Connecticut was at a loss for words after the teacher found a student had several baggies full of marijuana.

The student announced to his teacher during a school snack break that he had brought something in to the classroom that he wanted to share, according to police.

The school's principal, Miguel Cardona, called it an "extremely unfortunate" and an "isolated" incident which fortunately was not seen by any of the other students at school.