Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Settle Differences

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have decided to finally settle matters.

The two pugilists have been battling in court for years after Mayweather, 35-year-old undefeated boxer, insinuated that Pacquiao, 33-year-old Filipino congressman, had engaged in performance-enhancing drug use.

While Pacquiao filed a defamation lawsuit against Mayweather in 2009 stemming from accusations that he had dabbled in drug use while climbing up the ranks in the boxing world, the latter is no longer ready to insinuate that his rival fighter has used performance enhancing drugs.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Mayweather and his camp released a statement saying that his father and uncle who also serves as the boxer's trainer "wish to make it clear that they never intended to claim that Manny Pacquiao has used or is using any performance-enhancing drugs."

In fact, the statement released from Mayweather's team chose to name Pacquiao as a great champion.

"[…] Nor are they aware of any evidence Manny Pacquiao has used performance-enhancing drugs," the statement from Mayweather's team read in a Los Angeles Times report. "Manny Pacquiao is a great champion and no one should construe any of our prior remarks as claiming that Manny Pacquiao has used performance-enhancing drugs."

Pacquiao seemed to be willing to forgive Mayweather, according to a confidential source who told the Times, "Manny is happy to put this long ordeal behind him."

The news of the resolution comes after several media outlets reported that a judge ordered Mayweather to pay $114,000 in legal fees for Pacquiao when he did not answer some questions asked by the boxer's attorney at a scheduled deposition.

While the terms of the resolution in the defamation case remain confidential, Malcolm LaVergne, a lawyer who represented Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the case spoke about the boxer's father being happy with the end result.

"The matter has been resolved," LaVergne said in an ESPN report. "Any alleged terms of the resolution would be strictly confidential. Floyd Mayweather Sr. is very happy that this lengthy case has finally come to a conclusion."

Still, LaVergne said he had no word about any fight taking place between Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao in the near future.