Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Scorecard & Round by Round Winner

Immediately after the final round had ended, Juan Manuel Marquez from Mexico raised his fist almost certain of a victory against Manny Pacquiao who returned to his corner to pray.

When the judges announced the winner however, it was Pacquiao who raised his arms while Marquez gazed in disbelief.

The judges gave Pacquiao victory by majority decision.

As for the scorecards: 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112.

Fans booed their way throughout the post-fight interviews and an overall atmosphere of dissatisfaction with the decision found people throwing cans at the ring.

A controversial fight, media outlets are reporting Marquez deserved better.

Here is a round per round recap of the fight:

Round 1: Marquez lands a one-two. Pacquiao responds with right-left jabs just before end of the round. Pacquiao wins.

Round 2: Pacquiao lands a light one-two. Marquez lands an effect left uppercut. Marquez wins.

Round 3: Marquez lands uppercut to the chin. While Pacquiao gives Marquez good jabs. Manny finds trouble boxing inside and landing punches. Manny finally lands a left followed by a right hook. Marquez wins.

Round 4: Marquez counters a right from Pacquiao with two right jabs to the body. Pacquiao wins.

Round 5: Another left uppercut by Marquez. Manny not landing good punches. Marquez wins.

Round 6: Effective right punch by Pacquiao plus a left to the body. Marquez lands a good left close to the end of the round. Pacquiao wins.

Round 7: Pacquiao evades punches and Marquez continues landing punches. Pacquiao's left to the face However, Marquez wins.

Round 8: Pacquiao throws punches to Marquez's body, then a one two to the face. Pacquiao Wins.

Round 9: Marquez lands a clear left hook, continues with one-two-one punches. Manny to the corner, Marquez lands left uppercuts. Marquez wins.

Round 10: Marquez lands a right. Manny lands a left however a cut on his right eye is noticed. Nonetheless Manny lands more lefts. Manny wins.

Round 11: Marquez lands a few to Manny's body. Pacquiao answers, then Marquez Answers. Pacquiao lands a clear left. Two boxers giving it all. Manny wins.

Round 12: Manny charges his way towards Marquez. Manny lands one, Marquez responds with a more effective jab. Manny's mouthpiece falls out. Fight ends. Marquez raises fist, Manny returns to his corner and kneels.