Margaret Cho Korean Spa Act: Offended Women With Her Tattoos (VIDEO)

After blogging her outrage over a recent spa incident, Margaret Cho has decided to turn her complaint into an act.

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(PHOTO:YouTube/Margaret Cho)Margaret Cho at Skull Lounge.

Last month stand-up comedian Margaret Cho wrote a long blog about a spa experience gone awry. The funny girl was told to cover up while visiting a Korean spa because some customers were offended by her tattoos.

"Don't you know who I am?" she told a crowd at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta over the weekend after recalling her L.A. spa experience.

Cho explained in her blog last month that she had visited the Aroma Spa, located in a Korean neighborhood in search of some rest and relaxation. After spending time in the sauna and locker room where clothing is typically "non-optional," Cho says the she was asked to cover up.

Cho claimed a woman, who she believed to be the manager, "sat me down on the wet bench and tried to tell me, very apologetically that I was making the women there upset with my heavily tattooed body."

"She asked if I could please wear something, anything– a towel or something– and cover myself so that I wouldn't frighten anyone with my body," the comedian said.

After explaining that tattoos were "taboo" in the Korean culture, the spa later apologized and offered free services to compensate. The comedian decided, however, after receiving dirty looks from other Korean women at the spa, that it was time to leave.

"I told them that Korean culture is one thing, but this place is in Los Angeles. We are not in Korea right now. This is America," she said. "And it's not like I enjoyed looking at their bodies that much. These were all women of various sizes and shapes and some, like me, bore the marks of a difficult life."

But while it may not have amused her at the time, Cho had no problem recalling the funny parts of the story to the crowd.

To see Cho perform, click below.