Maria Menounos WWE Return Set for SummerSlam Axxess Going Against The Bella Twins

Maria Menounos will be making a return to the WWE ring for an over-the-top special Diva match this Sunday at the sold out 2013 SummerSlam Axxess event.

The way Menounos got herself in the ring came by chance after she was involved in a war of words on Twitter after Total Divas star Nattie, better known by her wrestling name Natalya, suggested the EXTRA host return to the ring for the summer event.

"Hey @mariamenounos! I just had a crazy idea...If you're not busy, why don't you come to #SummerSlam as my guest?! #WWE," wrote Natalya @NatbyNature.

When The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, found out about the possible cameo, they began insulting and trash talking to their Total Divas costar.

"@NatbyNature @mariamenounos Sweet, all we need is Maria Menounos dropping by WWE... Again. Hhm how about you do your job and let us do our,." The Bella Twins wrote via their account @nicoleandbri.

To which Natalya expressed her support for Menounos and encouraged the two to get in the ring and faceoff against the Twitter bullies.

"I'm disappointed that the Bella's keep hassling @mariamenounos. Maria's more of a team player than Nikki or Brie will ever be. Enough," wrote Natalya from her account @NatbyNature.

"If @nicoleandbri are so tough, Maybe they would like to tango with myself and @mariamenounos if Nikki is cleared. A #TotalDiva has spoken!" Natalya added.

Menounos has made no secret of her wrestling fanaticism and has actually been in several Diva tag team matches before.

The WWE recently announced that Menounos would be joining Nattie to fight Brie Bella and a TBD Diva for an all-out Diva tag team match. Nikki Bella is currently injured and might not be cleared in time for the match.