Marijuana Cannon Recovered by Mexican Authorities as Cartels Increase Drug Activity

Police in the Mexican state of Mexicali revealed they had seized a high-powered air cannon that had been suspected in shooting drugs over the border and into parts of the American southwest.

Authorities recovered "a powerful improvised cannon used to hurl packets of marijuana across a border fence into California" that had been found on several occasions in the last few months, according to local reports.

The cannon was "made up of a plastic pipe and a crude metal tank that used compressed air from the engine of an old car," according to KWTV. It was capable of shooting 30 pound packages filled with drugs over 500 feet across the border.

Last December, police in Arizona indicated that U.S. Border Patrol agents were witnessing desperate and unique actions being taken by those who wish to flood the U.S. with drugs.

U.S. Border Patrol agents revealed that they recovered 33 canisters filled with marijuana after they were spotted in a field. The agents stated that as security is improved along the border, the cartels have developed new methods to get their drugs into America.

Authorities stated that the canisters of marijuana were discovered in a field close to where the Colorado River crosses the U.S.-Mexico border. The canisters are thought to have arrived in the field after being launched about 500 feet into the U.S. using a pneumatic cannon.

The agents at the time suspected it was a type of gas-powered cannon after agents recovered a carbon dioxide tank close to where the marijuana was found.

Officials revealed that they recovered nearly 85 pounds of marijuana from the canisters and had pegged the street value for that amount of pot near $42,500. Mexican authorities were notified after the drugs and canisters were found.

Authorities said Border Patrol agents that cover the area near the Arizona-California border are forced to adapt and move resources as the drug cartels invent new ways of getting their drugs across the border.