Marilyn Manson Dedicates Song 'Disposable Teens' to Paris Jackson as she Recovers From Attempted Suicide

Marilyn Manson dedicated a song to Paris Jackson last night during a concert in Los Angeles after news of the teens suicide attempt became public.

During the performance Manson offered words of support to the troubled teen before singing "Disposable Teen" while simulating slitting his writs during the song.

The 15-year old attempted suicide this week after reportedly becoming upset because she was not allowed to attend one of Manson's concerts Tuesday night, and several hours later, she cut her wrists and took an large amount of pills.

Marilyn Manson told Jackson through media outlets that she could come and attend any of his concerts as his personal guest "anytime." The 44-year-old reached out to her via celebrity entertainment website TMZ.

"I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want," Manson said through the site

Meanwhile, the biological mother of Jackson, Debbie Rowe, confirmed Wednesday that the teen was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after sustaining cuts to her wrist. While there have also been reports of an overdose, they are yet to be confirmed.

"Look at her life, it's not normal and this is hardly a surprise. While this is the most serious attempt, it is not first time. There have been many signs of problems before this," a source closely connected to the Jackson family told FOX411's Pop Tarts column.

"Paris is now surrounded by people that, up until a few years ago, she barely even knew. Before that, she spent her public life wearing a mask and witnessing the problems that her dad had. The fact that she and [her brother] Prince saw their father for dead that day, well that's incredibly traumatizing in itself."