Marilyn Manson No Makeup Look on 'Eastbound & Down' Set Shocks Fans (PHOTOS)

Marilyn Manson's no makeup look surprised the goth rocker's fans when he recently appeared on the set of "Eastbound & Down" fresh-faced. The singer is known for his dramatic and spooky look, but abandoned it for a cameo on one of his favorite shows.

Marilyn Manson no makeup pictures were posted by TMZ. The 44-year-old singer posed with light brown hair and an inquisitive look in a black jumper alongside show star Steve Little. It's a far cry from his usual whitewashed foundation, dark eyeshadow and mismatched contacts.

Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, has said various times that he is a huge fan of "Eastbound & Down," the show about a baseball player who returns to his old high school to teach gym. Manson even emailed the show's star, Danny McBride, about getting a walk-on part in the show.

"For some reason, I don't imagine Marilyn Manson sitting on a couch watching TV," McBride told Vulture in 2010. "I picture him hanging out in a torture chamber or something. We were definitely flattered and creeped out and felt great that he liked the show."

"I get weird emails from Marilyn Manson now," McBride elaborated to MTV the same year. "He sends me weird emails in the middle of the night of what he's watching on TV and you can hear him giggling in the background. One time he literally sent me a Peanuts special I guess he was watching, sometimes it's Eastbound, infomercials, anything."

Manson also attended two of the show's season launch parties previously. "Eastbound & Down" is currently in its fourth and final season.

Though Manson will get to guest star in the HBO sports comedy, there is no word yet on which episode he will appear in or what his role will be.

This won't be the shock rocker's first time acting. He had a role in "Lost Highway" in 1997 and has since done cameos in various productions.