Marilyn Manson Smoke Bomb: Video Shows Manson Setting Off Smoke Bomb at 'Spring Breakers' Premiere (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Eric Gaillard)Marilyn Manson arrives for the screening of French director Nicole Garcia's in-competition film 'Selon Charlie' at the 59th Cannes Film Festival, in this May 20, 2006 file photo.

Marilyn Manson set off a smoke bomb as he was departing from the "Spring Breakers" movie premiere event in Hollywood last week, shocking others outside the event at the time, who were afraid a fire had started.

The singer has seemed to make the smoke bomb send off his calling card at events in recent times, and it is not the first time Manson has pulled off the stunt.

Manson was attending the premiere of "Spring Breakers" at the Emerson Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday. Everything had seemed normal and the singer watched the movie with other celebrities. However, he made a more dramatic exit than most with his smoke bomb stunt.

Many shocked guests were reportedly frightened by the incident as people didn't know what the smoke was or whether it was dangerous. According to reports, firefighters moved in on the scene to investigate what the smoking device was and verify it wasn't dangerous.

Manson was seen wearing glasses and in full make-up for the event, which was also attended by cast members of the film, including Ashley Benson and James Franco.

According to the New York Post, a source has confirmed that the smoke bomb has become Manson's signature exit: "Apparently, it's his signature move. He did the same thing recently at Greystone Manor."

Manson has been trying to generate more publicity over recent times, following recent years where he has received less success than in the 1990s when he gained greatest prominence. His albums in the 2000s were widely heralded as mediocre, and were not as favorably received as his 90s work.

Manson has spoken on the issue, saying: "I felt I wasn't able to live up to what I am supposed to be. I lost interest. That was the problem. The edge comes with the desire.

"I'm like a knife. You're either a butcher knife or a butter knife. . . . That's what I was. I don't know where that metaphor came from but I'm sticking with it."

Here is a video report into the Marilyn Manson smoke bomb incident at the "Spring Breakers" premiere: