Marilyn Monroe Lesbian Affair With Teenager Claimed in New Book

A new book is accusing celebrity icon Marilyn Monroe of having sexual relationships with women, that even went as far as a relationship with a 16 year old girl who was in charge of her fan club.

The claims will shock Monroe fans, and have been made by author Tony Jerris in his new book, "Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret." Jerris claims that Monroe had a lesbian encounter with teenager Jane Lawrence, after they got close talking about their shared troubled family pasts.

Jerris has exclusively told Radar Online: "Jane met Marilyn when she was 12 because her adopted father ran the legal department at RKO studio. They soon became close friends after realizing that they had been in the same orphanage at different times of their lives, even though Marilyn was 14 years older, and neither of them knew their birth fathers. They became close friends because there were so many similarities in their past."

The author continued: "Jane always struggled with her sexuality, she talked to Marilyn about this many times and she was very understanding. She told her, 'Whatever your sexual preference is, it means nothing - love is love.'"

Jerris claims to know Lawrence well, and says they are now close friends as well as business partners.

 In Lawrence's alleged claims she has told Jerris that on the night of her lesbian encounter with Monroe, the "Some Like It Hot" actress had been taking prescription drug Nembutal as well as drinking champagne.

Lawrence is a self-confessed homosexual now, but she allegedly claims that Monroe was not in fact a lesbian, but rather chooses to describe her as a "free spirit" and a "very open person."

Monroe died on August 5, 1962 aged 36 in controversial circumstances, but has gone on to remain an iconic figure in Hollywood and the world.