Marilyn Monroe Mystery, Missing FBI Files Revive Murder Theory

Marilyn Monroe's alleged missing FBI file has revived a government conspiracy theory that the government could have played a role in the star's tragic death.

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean Mortenson, died in 1962 at the age of 36. Her death was rule as a "probable suicide" according to police reports. Murder theories soon surfaced however, consisting of plots surrounding President John F. Kennedy and even the CIA.

50 years later, in an attempt to celebrate the anniversary of her death, the Associated Press attempted to obtain FBI files that were kept on Monroe during that time period due to suspicions that she could be tied to communism. Citing the Freedom of Information Act, a request was filed for the most complete record of the bureaus data.

However, after nine months, the FBI has allegedly still failed to turn up the requested file, stating that the bureau was no longer able to locate it.

Monroe's activity had been monitored by the government since 1955 after concerns of her heavy influence and possible ties to communism were raised. The file also contained information regarding questions that had been asked by author Norman Mailer, who wrote an autobiography about Monroe and questioned whether she had been killed by the government.

In December of 1982, when a similar request was made to view the files kept on Marilyn Monroe, the FBI "heavily censored" the material, according to CBS. Despite the large amount of information written about Monroe, little about her death has been clarified. Monroe was reportedly found dead clutching a phone, the last call she made was reportedly to John F. Kennedy.

While recent files of Monroe have been made publicly available on the FBI website, all have been censored- a move which has been contested by AP.

AP "appealed the FBI's continued censorship of its Monroe files, noting the agency has not given 'any legal or factual analysis of the foreseeable harm that might result from the release of the full records.'"

Complete and uncensored records have yet to be released.