Mario Williams Signs $50M Contract; Most Expensive Defense in NFL History

NFL defensive end Mario Williams signed a six-year contract Thursday with the Buffalo Bills. The contract's maximum value of $100 million, with $50 million guaranteed, makes Williams the highest paid defensive player in NFL history.

"It's one of those things you don't get many chances like this, and opportunities to come in and be the guy who can help the team get across the hump," Williams said during a press conference Thursday, as reported by

"And that's definitely what I'm here for. My whole intention is to come here, work with guys like Kyle (Williams) and (Marcell) Dareus and make this thing happen," he added.

Williams, a free agent, was flown from his home in North Carolina to Buffalo, N.Y., on Tuesday to be present for the Bills' free agency period.

The public is expressing different reactions to Williams's high paying contract. Some are arguing that it will improve the team and bring revenue into the city, while others argue that it is too much to spend on an athlete.

As local WKBW News Channel 7 reports, $50 million dollars goes a long way. BP oil spent $50 million on its entire public relations campaign to recover from their oil spill in the gulf. Fifty million dollars in legal fees were spent to defend executives of national mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and it also cost New York City $50 Million to rebuild the entire Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

According to Yahoo Sports, Williams' signing with the Bills puts a new face on the struggling team, which has been trying to find a way to get back into the competitive arena for years. The Bills haven't won the American Football Conference East since 1995 and haven't been to the playoffs this century.

According to, Williams' addition to the Bills gives the team one of the most imposing defensive lineups in the NFL. Williams will join Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams on the interior, and Mario Williams and Chris Kelsay outside for the Bills's defensive line.