Friday, March 23, 2012
Mark Sanchez Jerseys Discounted After Tebowmania Hits NY

Mark Sanchez Jerseys Discounted After Tebowmania Hits NY

New York Jets fans have given in to Tebowmania, which has freshly printed Tebow jerseys flying off the shelves. Since Tebow jerseys are the hot new commodity, Reebok has had to put Mark Sanchez jerseys on sale. While both are tempting offers however, fans may not want to buy either just yet.

Mark Sanchez jerseys are officially on sale, but his coach isn't selling him this time. Instead, NFL Sports has dropped the price of his replica jersey in what appears to be an early response to Tebowmania.

Tebow fans looking to get a newly printed jersey marked with the player's name across the back should be prepared to pay $84.99. Strapped for cash? No worries, fans can always buy a Sanchez jersey.

The original price of the jersey was $79.99, which is already cheaper than the Tebow jersey, but an even better deal can be had since the jersey has just been placed on sale. The new price of a Sanchez Jersey is now only $59.97.

While the prices of the jerseys reflect list price verses the "Our Price" special at the NFL shop, it is still surprising that fans will have to pay an extra $25 just to land a Tebow jersey. However, USA Today has warned than fans shouldn't be jumping on the jerseys just yet.

The news site has reported that Nike will take over Reebok as the NFL's official outfitter in April. That means that the old uniforms could be in for a massive makeover. If fans opt to purchase a Jets jersey now, they may end up wearing a different style than the team a month from now.

It also appears that Tebow fans won't be getting their jersey right away, as the club has yet to assign Tebow with a number. The NFL shop has issued a disclaimer, which states that purchases made of Tebow jerseys won't be shipped for another 5-10 days after Tebow's new number has been declared.


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