Mark Sanchez Proving Critics Wrong Amid Media's Tebowmania

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets starting quarterback, has been the object of scrutiny since Christian backup QB Tim Tebow joined the squad, but many critics were silenced after watching the starter's performance on Sunday.

Sanchez, 25, managed to lead his team to a 48-28 win over AFC East rivals the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The starting QB threw three touchdown passes and helped the Jets set the franchise record for most points in a season opener.

A few months ago, many were questioning if 25-year-old Tebow would take over Sanchez's starting position.

"Is Tim Tebow already winning a NY Jets starting job," the NFL questioned on its official Twitter account last May.

However, Sanchez's performance seemed to impress the Jets' young wide receiver Jeremy Kerly who had a touchdown pass and punt return that lead to a score.

"He definitely turned it on today," Kerley said about Sanchez after the Jets game. "I think there's always a big target on Mark's back and I think he likes it. He's a guy we trust and know what he's capable each week, and he showed it today."

Still, some questioned if the highly anticipated Tebow debut with the New York Jets was nothing more than hot air. The backup QB never threw a pass and ended the game with 11 yards rushing on five carries.

While some fans expected to see the backup QB as part of head coach Rex Ryan's wildcat package that he has been hinting at for weeks, Tebow admitted that he was not able to show all of his skills on Sunday.

"We didn't show too much, but we were able to have some efficient plays," Tebow said of the wildcat package after the game. "We would have liked to break one of them . . . I felt like we were close on several. I felt we had good communication and were good in and out of the huddle."

Although head coach Rex Ryan promised that fans have only seen the tip of the iceberg with the Jets offensive formation, fans seemed to think that Sanchez proved that he deserved to be a starter on the team.

"Mark Sanchez played great yesterday and Tebow was irrelevant," one person tweeted.

Another person congratulated Sanchez for silencing his critics.

"@Mark_Sanchez way to shut everyone up yesterday," the person tweeted. "Keep it going man!"