Mark Sanchez Threat: Play Well or Move Over for Tebow

Either way the ball got thrown, the trading game wasn't a game that Tebow was likely to win, at least not with the Broncos or the Jets. With the new trade, Mark Sanchez is likely to play a large hand in Tebow's potential career.

Once the Broncos took on Manning, the next best offer from the Broncos or Jets was always going to be that of second best. Even if Tebow had been offered the option to keep his position with the Broncos, he would have had to settle for world-class advice from a top ranked player that would be taking his starting position.

Trading to the Jets, however, won't change much of that.

While Sanchez may be a world-class player, that title may apply more towards his off-the-field lifestyle. When it comes to his on field performance, Tebow will likely pose a challenge to the veteran quarterback.

"Sanchez can no longer have three bad games in a row, like he did last year, with Tebow waiting on the sideline," ESPN reported. "Sanchez has to be consistent, accurate, move the offense and score points."

While the starter position is currently being occupied by Sanchez, Tebow could be expected to help run the ball. If Sanchez can't keep up, it won't be long before fans start calling for a quarterback change up.

The Jets signed a new 5-year, $58.25 million contract with Sanchez only two weeks ago, which will secure his position on the team for at least another two years. However, if Sanchez can't produce, he may find himself taking second place to Tebowmania.

If he does produce, Tebow may not be seeing himself in a starter position anytime soon.

"If Sanchez successfully runs New York's base offense, everything with Tebow falls perfectly into place. Sanchez can do the throwing, Tebow can do the running, and New York's 25th-ranked offense will be scoring at a higher clip than last year. That's a win-win for the Jets," the ESPN predicted.