Mark Sanchez Twitter Death Threat Retracted After NFL Probe

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets quarterback, received death threats from a fan after his five interceptions led to a 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans last Monday and ended all hopes of his team playing in the postseason.

After the NFL decided to look into the threats to Sanchez's life, the 25-year-old fan who calls himself Brave Grancru said he did not actually intend to take the QB's life.

Grancru said he did not think his threats would be taken seriously since he made them on a social networking website where other people have acted in similar fashion.

"People get threatened every day on Twitter, because it's Mark Sanchez it doesn't make it (any different). If I'm in trouble, everyone should be in trouble, you understand what I'm saying," Grancru said in a report. "I apologize, it was wrong, my remarks, but they're just tweets. It's not like I'm in a stadium shouting in his face, I'm not going to his house or going to practice. It's just a tweet. It's my account and I tweeted something."

The fan initially took to Twitter on Tuesday to threaten Sanchez, cautioning him not to come to practice on Wednesday.

"Don't come to practice Wednesday, I promise you bullets everywhere @Mark_Sanchez," the fan tweeted. "Sanchez better have armed security at practice!! You think (I'm going to) sit here and watch this (expletive)?"

Grancru also tweeted FOX News to request some air time so that he could express his issues with the Jets organization.

"I want answers from the whole Jets organization, I'm a die-hard fan," Grancru said in a report. "I was just aggravated last night, they're taking the whole threat thing out of proportion. I don't want to kill Sanchez, I just don't want him playing for my team."

The fan took to Twitter again to assure people that he had no intention of harming Sanchez, days after tweeting his picture along with his threats.

"Right now I regret Tweeting all those things, I could have said something differently to display my discomfort but it happened," he tweeted. "I apologize for what happened, but I want to talk to someone in the Jets organization. That's what I want. It's Christmas time, so just grant me that."

Neither Sanchez nor the New York Jets had any comments about the matter at press time.