Mark Wahlberg Confirms Wild Entourage Film on the Way

Mark Wahlberg seems ready to give fans of the hit HBO series “Entourage” exactly what they want by providing them with a back to the basics film based on the show.

Wahlberg, the show’s executive producer has officially confirmed that the movie version on the show will be coming in the near future and also described it to be “90 minutes of sheer craziness.”

He also said that the only factor holding the movie back from being made is the script not being written.

He elaborated on the “Entourage” film situation to GQ magazine. “That’s definitely something that we’re actively trying to put together,” he said. "We’re just waiting for series creator Doug Ellin to write the script.”

Wahlberg also commented on what the movie would involve. “I think a 90 minute movie of sheer craziness -- the guys getting back to just being guys, you know?”

“Lose the ladies. Go crazy. Give people what they want!”

The series ended with its main character Vincent Chase getting married and with his best friend and manager Eric and agent Ari Gold reuniting with their loves as well.

It seems that Wahlberg is looking to take the film back to the first few seasons of the series which mostly consisted of the boys and their Hollywood lifestyles as single men.

The show lasted eight seasons with the third being delivered in two parts. It is loosely based off of the life of Wahlberg, whose other HBO series “How to Make it in America,” was recently canceled by the station.

That series lasted a total of two seasons with the second coming nearly two years after the first.

Wahlberg’s upcoming film “Contraband” debuts in theaters tomorrow. "Contraband" is his first film since 2010’s “The Fighter,” where he starred alongside Christian Bale.