Mark Zuckerberg Announces New Facebook Timeline Feature

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Friday that the new “Timeline” feature will become available for the profiles of over 800 million users worldwide.

The new feature was first declared in September of this year, and it allows you to relive year-old posts. Now users are able to revive feelings and experiences from years ago which may have been forgotten.

Mark Zuckerberg describes the new feature as “constructing the story of our lives.”

The old posts were always available on Facebook, but much harder to reach. Previously, you had to continually click on a person’s profile for older posts.

Traditional profile pages will be replaced by a screenwide profile picture and a stream of posts, friendships, photos you were tagged in, and things you liked from as far back as 2004, when Facebook first started.

Timeline also tries to figure out which of your posts will be the most interesting by tracking how many likes or comments it has received. You can also expand on older posts, like a new job or graduation. With the use of the “Activity Log,” users can view all content Facebook has from a user. These items can be edited or deleted at any time.

New events and experiences can also be placed on the Timeline. New information can be given a date, so that users can post information from before they joined Facebook. Information will automatically be placed in chronological order.

Users will also be able to privatize posts that they don’t necessarily want to broadcast. If a user wants to keep the post on Facebook, but doesn’t want anyone to see, they can change the visibility to “Only me.”

The Timeline must first undergo a seven-day review period, so users will be able work through their Timeline and have it ready when the feature goes live. Users can also wait until it goes live in a week, but their Timeline will automatically go up, without them being able to control what posts people do or do not see.