Marlin Jumps in Boat, Nearly Impaling Fisherman (VIDEO)

A marlin jumps into a boat, nearly impaling one of the sportsman, after a group of fisherman hook the elusive prize and the whole dramatic incident was caught on tape.

The group of fisherman was off the coast of the Dominican Republic, but nothing could of prepared them for what would happen. Suddenly a 350-pound blue marlin jumped out of the ocean and into their boat. And this isn't just a made up fishing story.

The fisherman quickly scramble to help control the fish and return it to the sea but the animal died of "self-sustained" injuries before they could get it out of the boat.

While 350 pounds may seem like a lot for one fish it is actually on the smaller side, last August Molly Palmer, a 5 foot 9 inch woman, caught a 12 foot marlin weighing more than half a ton while fishing in Hawaii.

Palmer, 28, was taking part in the Big Island Invitational Marlin Tournament and was helped in reeling in her catch by her friends.

"I came here to catch fish and that's just what we were there to do," Palmer told AP at the time.

The huge Marlin weighed 1,022.5 pounds, which beat out the previous world record of 950 pounds, according to tournament organizer Jody Bright.

"I've had people try to slide things past me for a whole lot less money, for a less important thing than a world record," Bright said, according to AP. "We don't have officials on the field like you do in baseball or football or anything like that. Everybody's playing on the open ocean playing field and since there's nobody there checking to see if you stepped out of bounds or any of that sort of stuff there's a whole lot of opportunity to do things nobody would know of."