Mars Rat? Photo of Rat-Like Image Found By Mars Curiosity Rover (VIDEO)

Claims that a Mars rat has been spotted have been hitting the Internet after a NASA photo emerged, taken from the Mars Curiosity Rover, that apparently shows a rat-like image on the land on Mars.

(Photo: NASA/UFO Sightings Daily)A so-called Mars Rat has been spotted in a NASA image from the Mars Curiosity Rover.

The rumors of the Mars rat were sparked by a Japanese man, who scoured through dozens of NASA photos from the agency's Mars Curiosity Rover. He posted a photo on UFO Sightings Daily, which shows a rat-like image around rocks on the red planet.

The posting states that the image "seems to resemble a rodent but also may be a lizard."

This is not the first time that a rodent-type image has been seen on NASA's photos, and just in December other reports of a Mars rat began circulating. In that image an almost-squirrel type object was seen, but UFO Sightings Daily suggested that the image may have been staged by NASA to conduct an experiment.

Although many in the Internet are enjoying pointing out the new image of a so-called "Mars rat" many others remain more skeptical. Many are suggesting the image is simply that of a rock which has a peculiar shape.

The Mars Curiosity Rover has helped spark much discussion on life on the red planet, and just earlier this year NASA scientists highlighted a rock sample collected in February that contained some elements necessary for supporting life on the planet.

John Grotzinger, Mars Science Laboratory project scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., said regarding that discovery: "We have characterized a very ancient, but strangely new 'gray Mars' where conditions once were favorable for life. Curiosity is on a mission of discovery and exploration, and as a team we feel there are many more exciting discoveries ahead of us in the months and years to come."

Here is a video report on that previous Mars Rat photo: