Martin Lawrence Divorce: Couple Split 'Out of Love'

After 15 years together, actor Martin Lawrence and his wife Shamicka Lawrence have announced Wednesday that they are ending their marriage.

A rep for 47-year-old comedian broke the news, indicating that the Martins opted for divorce "out of love" for one another.

Lawrence and his wife made "the joint decision to part ways," confirmed the rep.

"Out of love and respect for one another we will continue to remain friends and raise our two beautiful daughters together," they said in a statement, according to the representative speaking to E! News.

They wed in a ceremony that took place at their Beverly Hills home in 2010 after a longtime partnership. Actors Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington were among the 120 wedding guests. Lawrence and Shamika share daughters Amara and Iyana.

It was Lawrence's second marriage. He wed Patricia Southall, a former Miss Virginia USA, in 1995. The couple have one child, Jasmine Page.

The divorce has shocked Lawrence's fans who have taken to Twitter with their reactions.

"We have some sad news this morning," wrote Madame Noire. "Martin and his wife are ending their marriage after 15 years."

Yesnia posted, "Sad to hear that Martin Lawrence & his wife Shamicka Lawrence are divorcing after a mutual decision to part ways."

Other fans commented on the high divorce rates among today's celebrities.

"Another Hollywood Marriage bites the dust," posted Krystle.

Mica wrote, "Sadly, another celebrity marriage has reached its end."

The "Bad Boys" star recently filmed a pilot for a comedy show in CBS and also completed a national stand-up tour.

Lawrance is also well known for his roles in films "Big Momma's House," "Like Father, Like Son," and "Blue Streak."

The German-born actor has been listed as an influence in the lives of some of today's top performers such as Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, and Tracy Morgan.

In August of 1999, Lawrence nearly died after collapsing from heat exhaustion while running in 100-degree heat wearing heavy clothing. He recovered after a three-day coma.