Marvel's 'Inhumans' Production Complete; 'Trailer' Hits Internet Ahead of Official Release

Marvel/ABCThe promotional banner for "The Inhumans"

Marvel's "Inhumans" has already completed production for its debut season. 

Filming for the series kicked off last March 3 and ended this month, suggesting that it only took around three months to film season 1.

Over on Twitter, Reel News Hawaii has confirmed that "Inhumans" has already wrapped production. "And Marvel Inhumans wrapped last night out in Kalaeloa!" posted the news outlet.

In a separate Twitter post, Maximus the Mad portrayer Iwan Rheon also confirmed Reel News' report and thanked the people of Hawaii for the great shooting experience. "Thank you Hawai'i and to the beautiful Hawai'ians. Yes, you to Kāne! I'll never be the same again. Hang loose," he said.

Funded by ABC and IMAX, Marvel's "Inhumans" was originally planned as a movie, along with the other films in Marvel Studio's Phase Three lineup. Back in November, however, the company announced that it would be a television show instead. The first two episodes of the series premiered on IMAX screens last Labor Day weekend and will officially debut on ABC on Sept. 22.

Ahead of its premiere, an alleged trailer for the series was leaked on the internet a few days ago and offered a glimpse of what fans can expect from the series. 

Although the video itself seems to have been taken down, it reportedly revealed that Maximus will double-cross Black Bolt as he aims to take over Attilan. In the show, this kingdom is located on the moon and is where the creatures known as Inhumans reside.

Since there was a watermark on the leaked video, it might have been just a production test and was not the final official trailer yet. The video was supposedly leaked by an internet user named "Scott. B." 

Meanwhile, before it releases the first official trailer for the upcoming ABC series to the public, Marvel Television was also generous enough to tag a short "Inhumans" teaser at the end of the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." season 4 finale, which aired earlier this week.