'Marvel's Iron Fist' Cast News, Update: On Set Photos Reveal Finn Jones' Danny Rand In Action; Two Stars Joins Fray

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The production on Netflix and Marvel's upcoming superhero drama TV series "Iron Fist" is now reportedly underway and the public is now getting some good glimpse about the show's lead character.

The person in question is Danny Rand which is played by "Game of Thrones" star Finn Jones. For the uninitiated, Rand is an orphan raised and trained by warrior monks. As the time comes, he decides to return to his birth place, New York, to seek justice on the death of his parents as well as clean the streets of its crime.

Tumblr user Delevinged shared what appears to be the first HD behind the scene photos taken from set in real-life New York City. The images seem to show Rand's arrival in his beloved city and it looks like he's still grasping on the huge changes that happened to the place.

It can also be pointed out the character's clothes which a lot of reports said that it could be his standard street wear.

Marvel is yet to announce a release date but there are already a handful of casting announcements connected to the show.

On Monday, Variety reported that "90210" alum Jessica Stroup and "Banshee" Tom Pelphrey has joined the increasing cast list.

As detailed by the media outlet, Stroup is signed for a series regular role of Joy Meachum while Pelphrey appears as her on-screen brother, Ward.

The Meachum siblings happen to be childhood acquaintances of the returning orphan. They played a great part in making the Rand Enterprises a big name.

Trouble is expected to ensue between the friends when Danny, the rightful owner of the company, comes back to claim back what belongs to him.

Aside from this issue, the show will follow Rand's adventures as he seeks to fight the criminality that is ravaging New York City using nothing but his kung-fu skills and the unique ability to summon the Iron Fist.