Mary-Kate Olsen Ring Sparks Engagement, Marriage Rumors With Olivier Sarkozy (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Pauline Lecordier )Couple watches New York Knicks game.

Mary-Kate Olsen's ring has sparked rumors that she may be engaged. The actress and fashion designer was recently seen at a New York Knicks game with boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy.

However, rumors were sparked when people took notice of a ring on Olsen's left hand - placed on her marriage ring finger.

Engagement rumors immediately started circulating, and although the talk has been intense, neither Olsen nor her boyfriend have made any official comment on any engagement.

Some have even suggested that the couple have already even tied the knot, although this again has not been confirmed in any way by either Olsen or Sarkozy.

This is also not the first time the couple has been hit by engagement rumors. In January Sarkozy gave Olsen a ring, which many believed marked their engagement. However, representatives for Olsen later squashed those rumors, saying that the ring was in fact just a promise ring, and that they were not engaged.

Even before that incident the couple had been the target of engagement rumors, and once again they were rebutted by Olsen's spokesperson.

The couple has reportedly been dating for just nine months so far. However, Sarkozy has been married before to Charlotte Bernand. He was married to her for 13 years, and they had two children together before breaking up.

Oliver is an investment banker and is the half-brother of French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Here is a video of the Olsen twins talking about The Row: