Maryland Teacher Bullied, Assaulted by Students (VIDEO)

A Maryland substitute teacher was videotaped being bullied and even assaulted by two of her high school students, and the recording has since gone viral on social networking sites.

The unidentified teacher, who was recently substituting at Digital Harbor High in Baltimore, was left shaken after the female students taunted her while throwing objects at her and even flicking her face, according to She appeared to be vulnerable and intimated as they approach her before hurling abuse.

"Shut up, b----!" one student is heard screaming as the class bursts into laughter. The frantic teacher can be heard responding in the muffled audio.

"Go away! It should be suspendable what you do!" the teacher helplessly fires back.

The video has sparked national outrage, with members of the public calling for the students to be named and shamed. Although many critics are shocked by the violent footage, Marietta English, who is the head of Baltimore's teachers union, says that such incidents are all too common.

"I think it happens every day," English told ABC2. "We ask teachers to file a complaint with us. Fill out the forms so we can keep our own records, but we just believe it happens every day in some schools."

One of the students seen in the video was reportedly disciplined after the teacher filed a report with the school's administration. It is unclear what method of discipline was used.

The incident is reminiscent to that of bullied bus monitor Karen Klein, who in June made headlines after a video showing students taunting her on a school bus was posted on YouTube.

The grandmother eventually received a $703,000 check from over 30,000 generous members of the public, who raised funds for her after watching the bullying incident on YouTube. She was then able to retire and take a much needed vacation; she also donated some funds to anti-bullying charities.