Mass. Man Wins Lottery With 'Wrong' Ticket

A Massachusetts man has won $1 million after a distracted store clerk gave him the wrong scratch-off lottery ticket.

Richard Brown of Taunton reportedly walked into Gulf Taunton recently where despite asking for a $5 "Blue Ice 7s" ticket, he was incorrectly given a "Sizzlin 7s" ticket.

Brown allegedly did not make a fuss and simply "rolled with it" which to his delight paid off tremendously, scoring him $1 million in cash, according to the Associated Press.

He selected the cash prize option and received a one-time lump sum payment of approximately $430,000 after taxes. Brown allegedly plans to use the money to purchase a brand new roof for his home, and will also take a trip to San Francisco.

This is not the first time that a simple mistake has resulted in a substantial lottery win. In April Virginia Fike of Virginia intended to purchase one Powerball ticket and one Mega Millions ticket from the OldeStone Truck Stop & Restaurant in Clear Brook, Va., but ended up accidentally buying two winning Powerball tickets from the same draw.

The mishap helped Fike win $1 million twice in the same draw, and she eventually took home $1.4 million after taxes.

In May it was reported that six winning Powerball tickets, each worth $1 million, were purchased from the same Glendale, Ariz. Store and while at least one winner came forward to claim their share of $1 million it was speculated that the remaining 5 tickets may had been purchased by one person resulting in a 5 time win for the same person from the same draw.

"What we do know is that these were not Quick Pick tickets. They were individually selected numbers on a play slip or, in this case, multiple play slips," Arizona Lottery spokeswoman Karen Bach told KTVK at the time.

"We can't speculate," Bach said. "We do not know who has those tickets in their possession. Until they redeem them we have no way of knowing."