Matt Kemp Gives Jersey, Cleats to Young Fan Battling Cancer (VIDEO)

'God Puts Sad Stories There to Remind You,' Says Kemp

Known for being one of the biggest stars in baseball, Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers might just have one the biggest hearts as well.

After the Dodgers dropped their fourth game in a row, Kemp could be seen running over to the stands to engage a few fans for what most that was an autograph and a hand shake but it wound up being so much more.

Sitting in the stands was cancer patient Joshua Jones with his father and a few friends. The ailing boy is slowing losing his battle with the disease and has been rendered speechless his father told Dodgers 3rd base coach Tim Wallach between innings.

Wallach informed the all-star outfielder of Jones' condition and that he was his favorite player. Kemp said he would see him after the game Yahoo Sports wrote.

Unaware that Jones' friend, Tommy Schultz was filming Kemp went over to the young fan to shake his hand and say hello when he is handed a baseball instead.

Kemp signs the ball, then removes his jersey and his cleats and puts both onto the boys lap. In the video, which has been seen by half a million people in two days, the boy is sitting with a small smile on his face as the slight smirk in a great indicator of the joy he's feeling on the inside.

The slugger didn't expect the video to go viral and just acted on what he thought was right. "It's just something I felt probably would have cheered him up a little bit," said Kemp to Yahoo. "Help him out a little bit. I just did it.

Kemp was praying for a miracle for Jones saying, "Hopefully, God-willing, a miracle happens and he lives for a while," he said to Yahoo. "I don't even know the kid's name...I just saw a kid there that was a big fan."

Matt Kemp and his LA Dodgers are currently in last place in the NL West, and he is key contributor to those struggles with his recent rough patch of play. Perhaps this positive story will right the ship for the team.

"You have some good stories and some sad stories," Kemp said. "God puts them there to remind you."