Matt Maher: The Love in Between

Matt Maher's third album with Essential Records, The Love In Between, delivers 12 tracks that each stand on their own, but together provide an amazing experience that is spiritual, as well as tuneful.

The tunes are catchy and the lyrics are so applicable to daily life that I found myself thinking of “The Love In Between” throughout the day. I woke up humming “Heaven Help Me” to myself but by breakfast time, I found that I’d switched to the powerful first track “Rise Up.”

Maher incorporates a lot of traditional country elements, but does not stay confined to one particular genre. Some tracks, like “Woke Up In America” and “On My Way,” have a country feel, while others, such as “Write Your Love On My Heart,” have more of a pop-rock vibe.

But the notable thing throughout the album is how Maher so beautifully synthesizes the two genres. The final track, “The Spirit And The Bride,” is a perfect example. This song begins with a simple guitar, which the rest of the song is built upon. As vocals and more instruments are added, the song evolves into a beautiful ballad.