Maxwell Tops 30 Most Influential Leadership Gurus

John C. Maxwell, a former pastor and best-selling author, topped the world's Most Influential Leadership Gurus list.

Excluding political and military leaders, Leadership Gurus International and the public ranked Maxwell number one among the top 30 "gurus" from around the world. The list focused on those practitioners who develop and instill leadership in others.

"Driven by his passion for leadership and joy of adding value to others, John C. Maxwell has spent decades researching and studying leadership and communicating his insights across the globe. Drawing upon his wealth of knowledge and experience he is leadership's foremost expert and best-selling author," according to the statement in the top 30 report.

Maxwell is currently president of Injoy Group, a collection of companies that provide resources and services on leadership development, and also chairman of the Global Pastors Network, an initiative co-founded by the late Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ.

His latest book Talent is Never Enough examines how you must combine your talent with other characteristics in order to be successful and to become a "talent-plus" person.

Talent is "often overrated and frequently misunderstood," Maxwell states in his book.

Outlining 13 crucial elements needed to maximize natural talents, Maxwell says "belief lifts your talent."

"You see, our belief determines our behavior. It's impossible ... for you and me to behave in a way that we don't believe. And if I have the right kind of belief it lifts my talent," said Maxwell in an interview with radio host Mike Carruthers.

Another key characteristic is perseverance. Quoting Judy Holiday, Maxwell says, "Dreams become reality when we keep our commitment to them."

The leadership expert has written over 40 books and was one of 25 authors and artists named to's 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame.

The World's Top 30 most influential Leadership Professionals received more than 1,000 votes each and also include Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Marshall Goldsmith and Jack Welch. All the chosen leadership gurus not only apply their own leadership principals to achieve superior results in their organizations, but develop and influence leaders and leadership throughout the globe, according to the report.

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