Mayim Bialik in Car Accident; Actress Will 'Keep Fingers'

Mayim Bialik, who stars on the "Big Bang Theory," will fully recover after being involved in a car accident yesterday. The actress suffered severe injuries to her left hand, and at one point was rumored to have lost a finger, but Bialik tweeted to reassure fans that while she was in pain, she would "keep all my fingers."

Bialik was by herself when she collided with a car turning west on Hollywood Boulevard, Police Lt. Andrew Neiman told reporters. Her airbags deployed, and Bialik sustained "severe lacerations to her left and thumb." She was taken to the hospital and treated.

Though it was feared Bialik had lost a finger, she took to Twitter to reassure her fans. "(Husbadn typing) In pain but will keep all my fingers. If u wanna See pre accident me watch The Soup tonight lol," Bialik tweeted.

Bialik is expected to be back at work today; the actress has a recurring role on CBS' hit series "The Big Bang Theory." Before that, she had guest appearances on popular TV shows, but is perhaps most well known for her role as title character Blossom. It was a role that helped launch her career and kept her in the spotlight.

Recently, however, Bialik has used her fame to bring attention to a way of life she firmly believes in: attachment parenting. Her book, "Beyond the Sling," exemplifies the parenting methods she used with sons Fred and Miles. It includes allowing the children to set their own potty-training schedule and often the elimination of toys.

"Most of our life is really centered around trying to be the parents we want to be," she told NewsOK. "Our society's obsession with consumerism, especially in the realm of baby things, baby soaps and baby products… That's something that my husband and I-partly for frugality and partly for environmental reasons-have really rejected."